Matt Fitzgibbon

Producer, Writer, Director

I've been making films for quite a while, but I didn't always know I wanted to do it as a career. I love being in the center of the creative process and to finesse with the details to create a stunning whole. To me, film is about telling a story, and I love telling stories.

Cameron Root

Producer, DOP, Editor, Colourist

My one true love in life is creating beautiful imagery. I've been obsessed with camera stuff for as long as I can remember, and I'm now learning to paint with light. One time I shot an entire hike with a ronin. As soon as we call wrap, I eagerly wait for my turn to colour correct and push the footage to its limits.

Jeremy Tremblay

Producer, Camera, Sound Design

To put it simply, I'm a jack of all trades! I've dabbled in the on-set life and couldn't pick what I loved best about film. You'll see me working with cameras, sound equipment, lights, grip gear, you name it! When we get to post, I'm in charge of sound, but I'm also a mean assistant editor. Don't hesitate to call me Jingo!